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‘Health is wealth’, no doubts about that! Our immunity is sort of like the steady source of income which makes sure our wealth i.e., health remains intact. 

Did you know, we Indians are in general more immune to diseases compared to others? Well, there’s more good news! You can improve your immunity many-fold by using stuff you have readily available in your pantry. Here are some of them:

  1. Ginger

One of the top most immunity boosting foods is ginger. It has a component called gingerol which makes it to have a strong flavour. This component makes ginger have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to this, gingerol also provides us with a capacity to fight cancer

Add in a few thin strips of ginger into your dals and subzi to make it more flavourful. You can also crush some and add it to your morning tea to get that immunity boost right at the start of your day! 

  1. Honey

Honey, also called liquid gold, has innumerable health benefits. Honey has many antibacterial properties which help in fighting against infections and making sure you don’t fall sick. Honey also has properties which help to heal wounds quickly. 

Adding honey to your diet is actually pretty easy. You can add it to anything in which you need sweetness. Oats porridge, smoothies or even spreading it on warm toasts makes it amazing! 

  1. Lemon

Excellent sources of Vitamin C, lemons are packed with all things good! They prevent many serious health conditions like stroke, hypertension, asthma, anaemia etc. Lemons also have the power to flush out toxins from your body resulting in a healthier system.

Hot water with lemon in the morning is a popular drink which helps cut fat as well as improve your immunity. You can squeeze lemon on almost everything like soups, lentils, and snacks like chaat etc. 

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice which is loaded with antioxidants. One of the antioxidants is called polyphenol. Polyphenol makes cinnamon protect us against substances that cause heart disease, cancer etc. Cinnamon also plays a major role in regulating our hormones steering us away from thyroid, diabetes and many such health conditions. 

Cinnamon can be used to spice up just about anything from your tea to tarts or even the simplest of curries. 

  1. Turmeric

No Indian kitchen is complete without this magical spice. Not only does it add colour and flavour to our food, it gives us a boost of immunity and protects us against various diseases. Just like ginger, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties. Using turmeric on a daily basis improves digestion and thus, improves overall health. 

Having a glass of turmeric milk at night is a sure shot way to incorporate turmeric into your diet. Otherwise, most of our Indian food does include turmeric. So, play special attention to adding it in a good quantity and add it with love! 

Including these immunity boosters into your diet will keep you healthy and strong for sure. Most of these immunity boosters are also available as supplements. 

But before deciding to take any of these supplements, do make sure you speak to your doctor or a nutritionist. To consult a nutritionist at Ayu Health Hospitals, call us at 063661 00800 or visit