A woman suffering from chronic knee pain that would require a knee replacement surgery

Susheela Devi, 52 has been suffering from severe knee arthritis for the past 4 years. Today, it’s become so restrictive that her favourite pastime of making delicious food for her family is now just a distant dream.  She has an important decision to make- one about undergoing a knee replacement surgery. However, what she hears from her friends and relatives makes her fearful.

Information overload is certainly something that she’s experiencing. From Youtube videos and informative TV programs to relatives, doctors, everyone has a piece of information to share. “How do I know whom to trust? How do I know what is right and what’s just plain misleading information? Especially, when I’m about to make a life changing decision!” asks Susheela.

So, here are a bunch of myths and misconceptions that everyone contemplating a knee replacement surgery like Susheela goes through. 

7 Myths about Knee Replacement Surgery

Myth #1: Total knee replacement surgery is the only solution

Well, not really. Depending on the condition of your muscles and bones, physiotherapy and change in lifestyle can very well take care of your knee pain. If the kneecap is eroded, you can opt for a partial knee replacement rather than going for a total knee replacement surgery.

Myth #2: It’s best to delay the surgery for as long as possible

There was a time when implants lasted only for 5-10 years. This information is true for those times, way back. Now, the advanced implants available last for 15-20 years. Even youngsters with severe knee pain can undergo total knee replacement now. In addition to that, the healthier you are, the faster your recovery from surgery. So, now is the best time!

Myth #3: The procedure is too risky and complicated

A relative of Susheela’s, very graphically described to her that a knee replacement is just like a kidney or liver transplant. The whole organ is replaced. This does sound risky. However, it’s not true. Only the parts of the knee which are eroded are removed and replaced with implants. 

With advanced technology, the success rate of knee replacements is 95%. So, there! It’s not that risky after all. 

Myth #4: There will be excruciating pain after surgery

Every surgery is more or less painful, true. However, these days doctors use several approaches to manage pain. This has considerably brought down the pain levels that patients experience. Even the duration of pain is now limited to a few days.

You won’t even notice the scar after the surgery!

Myth #5: It will take me a year to recover from the surgery

This is a totally baseless myth. Patients are made to walk within a couple of days after surgery to ensure that the joint doesn’t get stiffened. The average recovery time for resuming all activities is about 6 weeks. There are patients who have resumed most of their work within 3 weeks of surgery as well!

Myth #6: I can only stand and sit without pain, other activities are not allowed

Walking, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming, all of this is allowed. In fact, patients are encouraged to take up all of these to make the joint more flexible after surgery. Only, contact games such as football, basketball should be avoided due to a higher chance of injuring the joint. 

Myth #7: The costlier the implant and surgery, the better it is for me

No, this is not true. Based on the condition of your knee and muscles, the most suitable implants are chosen by your doctor. These might just be the most economical ones available in the market! 

As for the surgery, the Indian government set up capping prices on knee replacement surgeries in 2017. Now, the surgeries cost 69% lesser than they used to. 

Still not convinced, hear it directly from patients who took this decision and are now enjoying a happy active lifestyle again!

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Susheela is gearing up for her surgery and making a list of recipes she’s going to cook soon after. She’s in her happy place. So, when are you taking a leap of faith?

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